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My love/hate relationship with my air conditioner

airconditionerI love summer…love, love, love summer.  The only thing I hate about summer is the time I have to put my air conditioner in. I grew up in a modest home, but one of the luxuries we did have was central air conditioning.  If you have central air in your home, you know how lucky you are.  I didn’t think twice about it until I moved in NYC and had to jam a huge, heavy, loud air conditioner in my window.  I’m lucky the thing didn’t just fall out and kill an innocent bystander.  I thought I could adjust quickly though, I was wrong.  Although I have gotten a smaller, quieter a/c, there are still problems I encounter every year.

Those accordian panels that never seem to fit:

Try using Command poster strips.  This will help secure the panels to the window and you can easily discard them once you remove your air conditioner without damaging the walls.

Water dripping from your neighbors air conditioner above:

This was like Chinese water torture to me, endless drops of water hitting the top of my a/c.  Frost King has an air conditioner cushion that you can cut to size and sits right on top of the unit and softens the noise or you can just wrap a bath mat or small rug around the unit.

Ok, now that it’s in, how to make it less of an eyesore:

Decorate around it as much as possible.  Pictures, flowers, candles will take the eye away from it.

Stay cool!!


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