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Tips on dealing with everyday stress

ahhhh, if this was only true    Unfortunately, stress plays a part in our everyday lives.  You may think that you deal with it well and at the end of the day, it doesn’t really affect you.  Not true.  Did you know that people that are stressed experience headaches, fatigue, problems sleeping, irritability and anxiety.  There […]

Low calorie salad dressing a good choice, right? Think again….

To eliminate the fat, but keep some flavor, salad dressing companies rely on adding sugar to their fat-free dressings.  There’s sometimes as much as 8 grams of sugars per serving.  Regular dressing with canola or olive oil as the top ingredient have either no or very little sugar in them.  They’re more calories, but canola […]

In honor of St Patrick’s Day – A list of low cal bikini friendly beers

I’m not really of beer girl, but while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in NYC yesterday, I got to thinking which beers have the lowest calories.  Shape Magazine has a list of 15 bikini friendly beers, cheers!! http://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/healthy-drinks/15-bikini-friendly-beers

Great Iphone app for weight loss goals (and it’s free!)

MyFitnessPal calorie counter is the easiest way to watch what you eat and lose weight.  You just put in your target weight loss goal and it comes up with your daily maximum calorie intake to reach your goal.  Then, each day enter in what you eat and drink.  It will subtract your calories from your […]

Avocado – Fruit or vegetable? Good or bad for you?

Avocados contain antioxidants, and are rich in protein and fiber.  Once thought as a “fat food”, actually most of the fat in an avocado is monounsaturated — the “good” kind that actually lowers cholestoral levels. Did you know it also helps you to lose weight?: Thanks to the monounsaturated fats; which avocados contain, it helps your stomach feel […]

Putting yourself down for a nap

  There’s nothing better and rejuvenating then a nap.  But did you know it has health benefits?  When you sleep, you release growth hormone, the antidote to cortisol which which boosts your immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, and aids in muscle repair and weight loss. Napping gives your brain a chance to rest and […]